In exercise of the powers conferred by section 4 of the Promotion of Investments Act 1986 [Act 327], the Minister makes the following order:


Citation and commencement


1.  (1)     This order may be cited as the Promotion of Investments (Promoted Activities and Promoted Products) (Amendment) Order 2001.


(2)     This Order shall be deemed to have come into operation on 1 January 2001.


Amendment of the First and Second Schedules


2. The Promotion of Investments (Promoted Activities and Promoted Products) Order 1995 [P. U. (A) 31/95] is amended by substituting for the First and Second Schedules the following Schedules:



(Subparagraph 2(1) )


Promoted Activities and Promoted Products



Industries                                             Products/Activities


I. Agricultural production                    (1) Cultivation of tea

(2) Cultivation of fruits

(3) Cultivation of vegetables, tubers or roots

(4) Cultivation of rice or maize

(5) Cultivation of herbs or spices

(6) Cultivation of essential oil crops

(7) Production of planting materials

(8) Cultivation of crops for animal feed

(9) Floriculture

(10) Apiculture

(11)Livestock farming (excluding rearing of chickens, ducks or pigs)

(12) Production of breeder stock

(13) Spawning, breeding and culturing of aquatic products

(14) Off-shore fishing

(15) Cultivation of medicinal plants


II. Processing of agricultural produce  (1) Chocolate and chocolate confectionery

(2) Fruits

(3) Vegetables, tubers or roots

(4) Essential oils

(5) Livestock products

(6) Aquatic products

(7) Agricultural waste or agricultural by-products

(8) Aquaculture feed

(9) Plant extracts for pharmaceutical, perfumery, cosmetic or food industries

(10) High fructose syrup

III. Forestry and forestry products       (1) Cultivation of timber, bamboo or cane

(2) Cane products

(3) Bamboo products


IV. Manufacture of rubber products    (1) Earthmover tyres, agricultural tyres, industrial tyres, commercial vehicle tyres, motocycle tyres, aircraft tyres or solid tyres

(2) Precured tread liners

(3) Retreading of aircraft tyres

(4)  Latex products:

(a) Surgical gloves

(b) Safety/special function gloves

(c) Condoms

(d) Catheters

(e) Rubber (elastomeric) specialty coatings

(f) Rubberised fabrics

(5) Dry rubber products:

(a) Beltings

(b) Hoses, pipes and tubings

(c) Rubber profiles

(d) Inflatable rubber products

(e) Industrial and office equipment rollers

(f) Seals, gaskets, washers, packings and rings

(g) Anti-vibration, damping and sound insulation products

(h) Rubber linings

(i) Rubber floorings

(j) Rubber moulds

(k) Modified natural rubber

(6) Reclaimed rubber



V. Manufacture of palm and plam

kernel oil products and their derivatives          (1) Oleochemicals or oleochemical derivatives or preparations

(2) Margarine, vanaspati, shortening or other manufactured fat products



VI. Manufacture of chemicals

and petrochemicals                              (1) Chemical derivatives from organic or inorganic sources

(2) Fine chemicals

(3) Basic manufacture of pesticides

(4) Petrochemical products

(5) Epoxy encapsulation moulding compounds

(6) Cable compound (excluding pvc cable compound)

(7) Titanium dioxide pigment

(8) Barium sulphate pigment

(9) Iron dioxide pigment

(10) Metallic pigment

(11) Recycling of chemicals



VII. Manufacture of pharmaceutical

and related products                            (1) Pharmaceutical goods

(2) Clinical diagnostic reagents

(3) Gelatine or gelatine products

(4) Intravenous, dialysis or irrigating solutions

(5) Vaccines

(6) Medicaments



VIII. Manufacture of wood

and wood products                              (1) Reconstituted wood-based panel boards or products

(2) Wooden solid or other specialised function doors or wooden solid windows

(3) Multi-ply parquet

(4) Wooden furniture or parts

(5) Insulation for cryogenic vessels



IX. Manufacture of pulp, paper

and paperboard                                    (1) Pulp

(2) Newsprint

(3) Security paper

(4) Resin impregnated paper and products thereof

(5) Printing and writing paper

(6) Corrugated medium paper, testliner or kraftliner

(7) Kraft paper

(8) Paperboard

(9) Moulded paper

(10) Specialty paper



X. Manufacture of textiles and

textile products                                    (1) Natural or man-made fibres

(2) Yarn of natural or man-made fibres

(3) Woven fabrics

(4) Finished knitted fabrics

(5) Finishing of fabrics such as bleaching, dyeing and printing

(6) Knitwear

(7) Skiwear or winter outerwear

(8) Non-woven products

(9) Elastic webbings

(10) Textile hose piping


XI. Manufacture of clay-based,

sand-based and other non-metallic

mineral products                                  (1) High alumina or basic refractories

(2) Kiln furniture

(3) Laboratory, chemical or industrial wares

(4) Artware, ornaments or articles for adornment of ceramic or glass

(5) Glassware

(6) High tension electrical glass insulators

(7) Glass components or parts for electrical, electronic or industrial use

(8) Glass fibre in all forms produced from basic raw materials

(9) Finished woven fabrics of glass fibre

(10) Optical glass blanks

(11) Alumino-silicate ceramic fibres

(12) Ceramic components or parts for electrical, electronic or industrial uses

(13) Fritz, zirconium silicate powder, glaze or glaze stains

(14) Silicon dioxide fillers

(15) Rockwool

(16) Synthetic industrial diamonds

(17) Processed ball clay

(18) Articles of pressed or moulded glass such as bricks, tiles, slabs, pellets, paving blocks and squares

(19) Tableware

(20) Coated glass

(21) Integrated cement projects


XII. Manufacture of iron and steel      (1) Blooms or slabs of steel

(2) Shapes or sections of steel of height more than 200 mm

(3) Plates, sheets, coils, hoops or strips of steel:

(a) Hot rolled plates, sheets, coils, hoops or strips

(b) Cold rolled/cold reduced plates, sheets, coils, hoops or strips

(4) Seamless steel pipes

(5) Seamless high pressure gas cylinders

(6) Steel tyre cord and high pressure reinforced hose wire

(7) Ferromanganese, silicon manganese or ferrosilicon

(8) Electrolytic galvanised steel sheet in coil

XIII. Manufacture of non-ferrous

metals and their products                     (1) Dressing and/or smelting of non-ferrous metals other than tin metals

(2) Primary ingots, billets or slabs of non-ferrous metals

(3) Bars, rods, shapes or sections of non-ferrous metals except EC copper rods

(4) Plates, sheets, coils, hoops or strips of non-ferrous metals

(5) Pipes or tubes of non-ferrous metals

(6) Copper clad laminates and products from in-house copper clad laminates

(7) Powder, cream or paste of non-ferrous metals


XIV. Manufacture of machinery

and machinery components                 (1) Specialised/process machinery or equipment associated with specific industry including-

(a) Agricultural machinery or equipment

(b) Mining or mineral extraction/processing machinery or equipment

(c) Construction machinery or equipment

(d) Waste water/sewage treatment equipment

(e) Industrial sewing machines


(2) Supporting services machinery or equipment including power generating machinery or equipment

(3) Material handling machinery or equipment including elevators or escalators

(4) Hand tools or power tools

(5) Machinery and industrial parts/componensts including-


(a) Printing rolls or embossing rolls

(b) Dicing blades, accessories for silicon wafers or ceramic substrates

(c) Offset printing plates

(d) Industrial seals or seal materials

(6) Machine tools (metalworking, woodworking and others) including welding/soldering equipment

(7) Packaging machinery

(8) Machinery or equipment for the services sector including-

(a) Fire fighting equipment

(b) Hand labellers

(9) Reconditioning of heavy machinery and equipment


XV. Manufacture of transport equipment,

components and accessories                (1) Bicycle

(2) Bicycles parts:

(a) Drive set (chain wheel and crank)

(b) Brake set

(c) Speed change set

(d) Hub

(3) Specialty cars

(4) Engines

(5) Engine parts:

(a) Cylinder block, cylinder head, rocker cover, flywheel or pulley

(b) Crank shaft, connecting rod, cam shaft, rocker, rocker shaft, engine valve, sprocket, piston pin or piston ring

(c) Intake manifold or exhaust manifold

(d) Oil pan, oil pump, oil pump gear shaft, fuel pump, water pump or oil seal

(e) Timing belt, timing chain, carburettor, ignition coil or distributor

(f) Fuel injection mechanism (injector, pump, tubing, valves, regulator, sensors, electronic control modules)

(g) High tension cables

(h) Engine bracket

(i) Magneto

(j) Capacitor discharge unit

(6) Transmissions

(7) Transmission parts:

(a) Transmission shift lever and fork

(b) Transmission control linkages

(c) Speedometer pinion

(d) Clutch

(e) Torque converter

(f) Drive shaft

(8) Axle, wheel, wheel hub or knuckle

(9) Disc brake, drum brake, brake cylinder, brake master cylinder, brake booster, anti lock braking mechanism, clutch master cylinder or clutch operating cylinder

(10) Steering wheel, steering column, steering gear box, power steering pump, steering linkages, tie rod or constant velocity joints

(11) Stabilizer bar, suspension arm or suspension arm shaft and member

(12) Body panels, chassis frame, fuel tank, window regulator, locks and keys or hinges

(13) Head lights, indicating/signalling lights, meters, gauges, switches or horns

(14) Weather strips, control cables, speedometer cables, metalic tubings or hoses

(15) Catalytic converter

(16) Vehicle safety air bag

(17) Navigational system

(18) Automotive electronic module/component or sensor

(19) Seat mechanism including seat adjuster or locking mechanism or seat recliner

(20) System integrator:

(a) Front corner module

(b) Rear corner module

(c) Instrument panel module

(d) Strut and absorbers and spring assembly module

(e) Bumper assembly

(f) Front cross member module

(g) Function integrated door module

(h) Fuel tank module

(i) Seat assembly

(j) Pedal assembly

(k) Door trim assembly

(l) Floor console assembly

(m) Tyre and wheel assembly

(n) Brake system

(o) Wiper system

(p) Exhaust system

(q) Audio system

(r) HVAC (Heater Ventilation Air-conditioning system)

(s) Airbag system

(t) Power and signal distribution system

(u) Alarm system

(v) Seat belt system

(w) Exterior lighting system

(x) Body in white assembly


(21) Gear

(22) Cooling equipment, air-inlet equipment or exhaust equipment, compressor and expansion valve for automotive air-conditioning

(23) Aerospace industry:

(a) Manufacture and assembly or aircraft

(b) Manufacture of aircraft equipment, components, accessories or parts thereof

(c) Ground support equipment for aerospace industry

(24) Pleasure crafts, hydrofoils or hovercrafts

(25) Maintenance, repair, overhaul or service of aircraft, aircraft components or accessories or testing and repairing of avionics

(26) Manufacture of train and related equipment:

(a) Construction or locomotive, rail car

(b) Coach, wagon, bogie

(c) Electric multiple unit and power generating car

(d) Railway signalling and communication system


XVI. Supporting products/services      (1) Metal castings

(2) Metal forgings

(3) Metal surface treatment/finishing

(4) Machining

(5) Moulds, tools and dies

(6) Overhaul, repair, reconditioning, modification or servicing and testing of turbine engines, components or sub-assemblies

(7) Storage, treatment and disposal of toxic or hazardous waste

(8) Power metallurgical parts (sintered metal parts)

(9) Advanced composite materials

(10) Heat treatment

(11) Mould texturing

(12) Irradiation service

(13) Gas sterilisation service

(14) Energy conservation services*

(15) Cold chain facilities and services for food products

(16) Utilisation of biomass for energy generation*

XVII. Manufacture of electrical and

electronic products and components

and parts thereof                                  (1) Digital television receivers


(2) Colour television receiver parts:

(a) Cathode ray tubes

(b) Electron guns

(c) Polished glass panels or glass funnels for colour picture tubes


                                                            (3) Digital audio video recorders/players and parts:

(a) Digital audio video recorders/players

(b) Digital tape mechanisms

(c) Digital disc mechanisms

(d) Optical pick-up units

(e) Magnetic heads


                                                            (4) Computers, parts and peripherals:

(a) Computers (excluding detached peripherals not manufactured in-house)

(b) Monitors

(c) Computer printers (including printer mechanism)

(d) Printer heads

(e) Computer scanners

(f) Drive units

(g) Head gimbal assemblies/head carriage assemblies

(h) Headstack assemblies

(i) Computer magnetic heads

(j) Data storage media

(k) Voice coil motors

(l) Actuators

(m) Electronic games equipment including photodetector joysticks

(n) Disk substrates or disk blanks

(o) Re-manufacturing of computer drives


(5) Electronic components:

(a) Quartz crystals

(b) Motors

(c) Printed circuit boards (excluding rigid single sided circuit boards)

(d) Cables or wires for electronic devices including flat cables

(e) Hermetic seals

(f) Electrical/electronic components moulded with magnets

(g) Heat shrinkable cable joints and terminations

(h) Thermistors

(i) Connectors with or without wires or cables

(j) Bonding wires

(k) Lead-frames

(l) Magnets or ferrite cores

(m) Displays-electroluminescent, plasma or liquid crystal

(n) Membrane switches

(o) Surface mount components

(p) Optical fibres or optical fibre products

(q) SMT chipholders on lead-frames

(r) Solar cells

(s) Magnetron


(6) Recorded and unrecorded media:

(a) Compact discs

(b) Magnetic webs or pancakes


(7) Electronic machines and equipment/devices:

(a) Teller machines

(b) Office equipment

(c) Alarm equipment/systems or devices

(d) Ultrasonic cleaners

(e) Computing scales

(f) Cash registers

(g) Demagnetisers

(h) Industrial controllers

(i) Computer Aided Design (CAD) , Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) of Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) equipment

(j) Robots or robotics

(k) Multimedia integrated controller

(8) Wafer fabrication:

(a) Semiconductor wafer fabrication

(b) Reclaimed silicon wafers


(9) Electrical products:

(a) Uninterruptible power supplies

(b) Batteries excluding manganese dioxide, dry cells and lead acid batteries

(c) Solar panels

(d) Discharge tubes


(10) Telecommunication:


(a) Telecommunication equipment including multi feature mobile phones but excluding fixed line telephone sets

(b) Antennae for communication equipment

(c) Voice/pattern/vision recognition or synthesis equipment

(d) Data terminal displays

(e) Global positioning system

(f) Electronic navigational aid

(g) Electronic tracking aid


(11) Software development and production



XVIII. Manufacture of professional,

medical, scientific and measuring

devices/parts                                        (1) Medical, surgical, dental or veterinary devices/equipment

(2) Gauges or measuring apparatus

(3) Surveying, hydrographic, navigational, meteorological, hydrological or geophysical instruments

(4) Testing equipment

(5) Clocks or watches

(6) Stainless steel cannulae or tubes for needles



XIX. Manufacture of photographic,

cinematographic, video and optical

goods                                                   (1) Cameras

(2) Lenses

(3) Binoculars, telescopes, magnifying glasses or microscopes

(4) Cinematographic or video equipment


XX. Manufacture of plastic products   (1) Inflatable plastic products

                                                            (2) Specialised plastic films/sheets

                                                            (3) Geosystems products [Cellular Confinement System (ccs) and Porous Pavement System (pps) ]

                                                            (4) Plastic products for engineering use

                                                            (5) Precision engineering plastic products



XXI. Miscellaneous                             (1) Musical instrument

                                                            (2) Furniture hardware

                                                            (3) Souvenirs, handicrafts or giftware

                                                            (4) Electronic toys

                                                            (5) Sports goods or equipment

                                                            (6) Spectacles or spectacle frames

                                                            (7) Accessories for the textile industry

                                                            (8) Cutlery

                                                            (9) Lock sets or lock cylinder mechanisms

                                                            (10) Jewellery of precious metal

                                                            (11) Costume jewellery

(12) Designing and printing of decorative surfaces for commercial applications

(13) Integrated exhibits

(14) Microbials and probiotics


XXII. Hotel business and tourist industry (1) Establishment of medium and low-cost hotels (up to a three-star hotel)

                                                            (2) Expansion/modernisation of existing hotels

                                                            (3) Establishment of tourist projects

                                                            (4) Expansion/modernisation of tourist projects

                                                            (5) Establishment of recreational camps

                                                            (6) Establishment of convention centres


XXIII. Film industry                            (1) Film or video production

                                                            (2) Post production for film or video




(Subparagraph 2(2) )


Additional Promoted Activities and Promoted Products

for Promoted Areas



Industries                                                 Products/Activities


I. Agricultural production                    (1) Sericulture

                                                            (2) Cultivation of cocoa

                                                            (3) Cultivation of coconut

                                                            (4) Cultivation of sago palm


II. Processing of agriculture produce   (1) Illipe products

                                                            (2) Coconut products except copra or crude coconut oil

                                                            (3) Starch products

                                                            (4) Cocoa paste, butter and powder


III. Manufacture of rubber products    (1) Latex products:

(a) Carpet underlay

(b) Swimming caps

(c) Balloons

(d) Finger cots

(e) Toys

(f) Latex thread

IV. Manufacture of palm and palm kernel

oil products and their derivatives         (1) Cocoa butter replacers, cocoa butter substitutes, cocoa butter equivalent, palm mid fraction or special olein

                                                            (2) Crude palm kernel oil or palm kernel meal

                                                            (3) Refining of palm oil or palm kernel oil


V. Manufacture of chemicals and

petrochemicals                                     (1) Cleaning preparations, cosmetics or toilet preparations

                                                            (2) Wax products

                                                            (3) Specialised paints or coatings


VI. Manufacture of wood and

wood products                                     (1) All wooden products except sawn timber, veneer and plain plywood



VII. Manufacture of pulp, paper

and paperboard                                    (1) All types of paper and paper products from pulp



VIII. Manufacture of clay-based,

sand-based and other non-metallic

mineral products                                  (1) Processed kaolin

                                                            (2) Ceramic wall or floor tiles

                                                            (3) Vitrified clay pipes

                                                            (4) Calcium carbonate powder

                                                            (5) Coated or uncoated talc or barium sulphate powders (average particle size less than 5 microns)

                                                            (6) High grade silica sand or powder

                                                            (7) Panel, boards, tiles, blocks or similar articles of vegetables fibre, wood fibre, straw, wood shavings or wood wastes, agglomerated with cement, plaster or other mineral binding substance

                                                            (8) Clay roofing tiles


IX. Manufacture of iron and steel        (1) Welded steel pipes or pipe fittings

                                                            (2) Bars or wire rods (except those of mild steel) , angels, shapes or sections of all grades of steel either hot-rolled, cold-rolled or cold-finished

                                                            (3) Wires or wire products of iron or steel

                                                            (4) Steel fabricated products


X. Manufacture of non-ferrous

metals and their products                     (1) Wire or wire products of non-ferrous metals

                                                            (2) Fabricated products of non-ferrous metals


XI. Manufacture of transport

equipment, components and

accessories                                           (1) Electrical or electronics systems instrumentation

                                                            (2) Shipbuilding

                                                            (3) Shiprepair


XII. Supporting products/services        (1) Metal stamping

                                                            (2) Galvanishing, shearing or slitting of metal sheets or other related engineering services


XIII. Manufacture of electrical and

electronic products and components

and parts thereof                                  (1) Transformers or coils

                                                            (2) Automatic gate mechanisms

                                                            (3) Consumer electronic products; parts, sub-assemblies or accessories thereof

                                                            (4) Industrial electronic products; parts, sub-assemblies and accessories thereof

                                                            (5) Electrical household appliances and part thereof

                                                            (6) Electrical industrial equipment or parts thereof



XIV. Manufacture of plastic products (1) Expanded polystyrene foam


XV. Miscellaneous                              (1) Toys (excluding electronic toys)

                                                            (2) Art and design apparatus-all types

                                                            (3) Enamelled householdware

                                                            (4) Cooker or barbeque sets".



Made 9 May 2001.

[MITI: ID/BDI/G (S) 314/3; PN(PU2) 451/IV]


Minister of International Trade and Industry

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